Reopening questions

Can I change my mind on remote v. hybrid?
You can opt out of hybrid and return to virtual at any point. You’ll have the opportunity every two weeks to opt into hybrid if space permits within the grade level. We are limited in the number of students that can be in a classroom 
 How will you help acclimate TK and Kinders who have never been on campus?
The teachers (whom the kids are all super familiar with) will be heavily focusing on social emotional connection in those first days and weeks. 
 When will on-campus instruction start?
Start date is 4/20 for TK-1st, 4/21 for 2nd and 3rd, and 4/22 for 4th and 5th.
 Will 5th graders have an in-person culmination?
LAUSD has announced that they are working towards in-person culminations for our students. More details to come.
 Is before/after school care going to be available? Hours?
Yes, childcare is available before and after school through Beyond the Bell (BTB) from 8AM-4PM. Parents would need to complete the BTB enrollment form in advance and drop off at the Calabash main office before school resumes in order to have their kids participate.
 What will that supervision look like (location, activities, number of adults supervising)? Latest info states BTB is working to maintain a 14:1 ratio. Activities to be determined when program is finalized. Expect more basic supervision, and less of the amazing enrichment opportunities initially publicized. 
 Will BTB be offered for children younger than 2nd grade (previously it was 2nd grade or higher)?
Yes, it will be offered to TK-5th at no cost to parents.
 If we need child care, do we need to sign up for the morning session?
Is there childcare provided between 8AM-12PM to kids who are in cohort B?
Childcare will be available for both the morning and afternoon cohorts (i.e. cohort A would have childcare from 11AM-4PM and cohort B would have available care from 8AM-12PM).
  Will students remain in their stable cohort for BTB program, or mixed with other kids/classes/grade levels? Kids will remain in cohorts, though not in their instructional day cohorts.
 Will kids remain at SOEC for BTB childcare?
At this point we expect childcare to remain on the SOEC campus, given that we have so much outdoor space for the kids to socially distance.
 Can I opt into childcare every 2 weeks, similar to school? Yes, you can opt in at a later date.
 Can parents in cohort A who use childcare pick up at any time between 11- 4pm? Can parents in cohort B drop off anytime between 8AM-12PM?
Yes, parents can drop off and pick up anytime within their childcare window.
 Can my child participate in BTB only on certain days?
BTB is requiring that anyone who participates uses the service 5 days a week.
 What are the specific hours available? The start/end times will be staggered in 3 grade level groups. Cohort times are 30 mins shorter on Mondays to allow for professional development & staff meetings.
Cohort A:
8:00 – 10:30 (TK/K/1)
8:00 – 10:30 (2/3) 
8:00 – 10:30 (4/5)
Cohort B:
11:30 – 2:00 (TK/K/1)
11:30 – 2:00 (2/3)
11:30 – 2:00(4/5)
Cohort A:
8:00 – 11:00 (TK/K/1)
8:15 – 11:15 (2/3)
8:30 – 11:30 (4/5)
Cohort B:
12:00 – 3:00 (TK/K/1)
12:15 – 3:15 (2/3)
12:30 – 3:30 (4/5)
  What will a typical on campus day look like for the various grade levels?
Morning check in, then straight into the classroom for daily focus on ELA and Math, with additional time for Science and Social Studies. Each cohort includes a 20 min recess for snack & play time.
 Will teachers on campus be sharing aides in the class? No, all aides will be outside during instructional time. With much smaller class sizes (roughly half the regular class size), aides won’t be needed in the classroom. They’ll be campus supervision aides.
 Will students keep their devices at home for the rest of the school year or will they take them back and forth? Do they have to take their books back and forth? What will they need to bring to school?
Teachers will focus on paper/pencil activities, with an emphasis on reduced screen time in the classroom. Kids may be asked to bring back textbooks and workbooks; digital access to textbooks will be available on Schoology. 
Kids can bring a snack for recess, a reusable water bottle, and a jacket/sweatshirt because the air will be continuously running in the classrooms. 
 Will the kids eat at recess? Will food be sold at the cafeteria during recess?
Students must bring a snack from home for recess, and won’t be permitted to share food with each other. The cafeteria will not sell food during recess.
 Will the kids have lunch on campus and will it be outside?
AM Cohort: They will have access to Grab n’ Go meals in the cafeteria, and take them home after the morning cohort. If staying at school with BTB, they will eat in the outdoor cafeteria using social distancing and stay within their cohort.
PM Cohort: Students can pick up Grab n’ Go meals to take home at the end of their instructional day.
 Can students bring their own re-usable water bottles to school? Yes, they can. Make sure the bottle is labeled to avoid accidental sharing. 😉😉 Disposable water bottles will be available at school for those who need them. Students will not be able to use the water fountains.
 Can students continuing with virtual instruction get meals as well? Yes. They can pick up Grab n’ Go meals for free. Pick-up locations is the gate by the front office from 9:00a.m to 10:00a.m
 Will kids have recess or class P.E.? They’ll have a 20 min recess. No class P.E., given the reduced 3-hour school day.
 Will kids wear masks during recess and be kept 6 feet apart? They can remove their masks to eat, and will sit 6 feet apart. During play time masks will be on and campus supervision aides will do their best to ensure the kids maintain 6 feet of distance from each other.
 LA County reduced the social distancing guidelines from 6 feet to 3 feet, so why do the kids still have to stay 6 feet apart? The agreement LAUSD made with UTLA (the teachers’ union) specified 6 feet apart. This was done before we dropped to a new tier and the county changed its requirement. The only way to reduce the requirement on LAUSD campuses to 6 feet would be to have LAUSD go back to the bargaining table with UTLA. That’s not happening.
 LA county parks are all open and play structures are in use, so why can’t our kids play on the structures on campus. It’s difficult to enforce the 3 foot rule on the play structures with limited aide supervision on the yard during recess. 
 Why are there so many more kids in the AM cohort than PM?
The majority of families selected AM, and our administration tried to accommodate as many as possible. The PM cohort includes the kids who chose virtual instruction, as well as the few who chose the PM cohort. In some cases a student who chose PM hybrid instruction was moved to AM if their teacher was the one within the grade level chosen to do the PM virtual instruction.
Are siblings in different grades in the same time cohort? Yes.
 Will there be virtual learning for the time the students are not in class? When students are not in their cohort, they can use that time to complete their daily asynchronous work (i.e. homework).
 What if my child’s cohort schedule directly conflicts with my work schedule, or with my other child’s schedule who goes to a different school and there is no way to get my child to school at the appointed time? Will my child be permitted to move to the other cohort? Parents have an opportunity every two weeks to request a program change. 
 Will after school enrichment offered on campus (other than the Beyond the Bell program)? Not at this time.
 If LA county goes back into the purple tier, would school go back to zoom? Yes.
 Do the classes have individual desks (not round group tables) and will each desk have plexiglass up? No plexiglass, but students will be at individual desks. PPE for all students and staff will be made available such as masks and face shields if needed as well as hand sanitizers in all areas.
 Will we be told if teachers and aides have been vaccinated? Staff vaccination status cannot be shared because that violates employee confidentiality laws. However, staff will have access to full vaccination before school resumes.
 What is the bathroom situation at the school? How many classes are sharing a restroom and are they cleaned after each use? I know TK & kindergarten classes each have restrooms, but what about the other grades?
Campus supervision aides will monitor the bathrooms for grades 1-5, ensuring the kids maintain distance and wash their hands. Staff will wipe down high contact areas hourly and custodians will deep clean all bathrooms at the end of each day. Hand sanitizer will be in several areas of the campus, as well as in all classrooms.
 If a child in my son’s small group gets sick with Covid, how long will the class need to quarantine? What happens in that scenario? Does everyone in the class go back to Zoom for the duration of quarantine? We will follow guidelines for contact tracing, covid tests, quarantine, and other safety precautions to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Students in the affected cohort class would be required to quarantine for 10 days and would receive instruction via Zoom during that period.
 Is a negative test required in order to return to in-person instruction? Yes. Students who do not wish to participate in Covid testing will not be permitted to return to school campus and will be required to continue online learning.
 Will students be required to take weekly COVID-19 tests to remain on campus or is testing provided but optional? Yes, testing is mandatory for both staff and students. Students who do not wish to participate in Covid testing will not be permitted to return to school campus and will be required to continue online learning. Students are encouraged to participate in the district’s testing program, which is free, easy and personal information is confidential.  Students can also be tested by their own healthcare provider and then submit the results to the district by uploading to their Daily Pass site within 3 days of testing.
 Are students going to be tested weekly or bi-weekly? I’ve heard both answers from different sources.
Students and staff will be tested weekly. Kids will have the option of having either the nasal swab or saliva test if testing at the school.
 What are the testing window dates for students to take the COVID-19 test before returning to school? Students must have a Covid test taken within 7 days from the return to school.
 What if someone does not have a device or does not want to use the Daily Pass on their personal phone? Individuals without a device can either print the pass at home and bring it to school, or they will be able to complete the Daily Health Check in-person. This is a verbal process of answering the Daily Health Check screening questions before entering a school or office.