Fundraising and Community Events

No matter what your interests or expertise, your presence alone will provide a great help as well as show your kids how much you care. So please take a moment and contact someone from school, and we will do whatever we can to assist you in making a difference in your child’s educational experience.

Halloween Carnival Tracy Cook & Rajina Utrea-Lustig;
Family Nights/Parents Nights Stephanie Batty & Clarissa Follayttar;
Great Wall Of Tigers (Tile Party) Steve O'Dell & Tracy Cameron;
Great Neighbors/Sponsorships Tracy Cameron
Marketing/Recruitment Kelley Smith
Movie Night Karen Madar & Danna Yehuda;
Music Appreciation Kate Shorr
Musical Theatre Dax Shelby
Party Book Tracy Cameron
SOEC Spring Gala Karen Madar, Danna Yehuda & Tracy Cameron;;
Spiritwear Steve O'Dell & Nissa Wegienek
Spring Fling Rajina Utrea-Lustig & Tracy Cook;
Super School Maryanne Vanegas
Tiger Fund Karen Madar
Art Explorers Karen Binkow, Robyn Williams & Mayranne Vanegas
Book Drive Tracy Cook & Rajina Utrea-Lustig;
Box Tops & Other Misc. Clarisa Follayttar
Campus Beautification Val Podoynitsyna & Kate Shorr
Charleston Wrap Kirsten Keating
Display My Art Clarissa Follayttar
Diversity Committee Charis Mercado
Holiday Baskets Annie DeBilzan-Signore
Ice Cream Social Danna Yehuda
Incoming Families/Kindergarten Coordinator Ana Medina
Jump Rope For Heart Annie DeBilzan-Signore
PJ's & Books Annie DeBilzan-Signore & Rajina Utrea-Lustig
Scholastic Book Fair Tracy Cook & Annie DeBilzan Signore;
Sharing Is Caring Charitable Campaign TBD
Talent Show Dax Shelby
Teacher Appreciation Annie DeBilzan-Signore & Nissa Wegienek;
Yearbook Robyn Arnold
Chamber Of Commerce Liaison Timon Cana & Kirsten Keating;
Computer Lab Computerwise & Kassy Reinhard  
Garden Ranger Program Liz Wiltgen
Governance Council Kan Mattoo
Grade Level Chain Kinder Ana Medina
Grade Level Chair(s) 1-4 TBD TBD
5th Grade Chair Liz Wiltgen
Kids Center Deanna Weingold
Kinder Picnic Steve O'Dell & Nissa Wegienek
Kinder Science Enrichment Maryanne Vanegas
Music Madysyn Ramsey
Parent Square Ana Medina
Room Parent Coordinator Ana Medina
School Tours Contact The Office Contact The Office
Science Lab Kim Kramer
Social Media Kelley Smith
Volunteer Coordinator (Events & Committees) Tracy Cook
Website Nissa Wegienek