Super School


Below is the link to log onto the getpopsicle site and enroll into Super School classes. Please read all dates and description carefully, Thank you!

Any questions please contact Maryanne Vanegas [email protected]

The SOPA Super School provides on-site after school enrichment classes for all students of Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter. We offer three (seven-week) sessions throughout the school year. All classes are developed with age-appropriate curriculum to encourage confidence, creativity and academic success. Each class is taught by an experienced instructor who specializes in their field. We strive to introduce students to a whole new world of opportunities where they can find their own super powers through learning. Our program operates under the non-profit Sherman Oaks Parents Association.
Our common purpose is to develop and enrich each child’s mind. We aim to create independent learners with strong foundations for academic success. We strive to promote a sense of community while providing simplicity for our parents.

Registration can be done through our website and will be open the week prior to each session.
TK, Kindergarten - 1st Grade
Students will be picked up from their classrooms directly after the bell. They will be brought to the assigned rooms by a Super School representative.
2nd-5th Grade
Students will walk themselves to their assigned classes where they will be checked in by a Super School Teacher.
* Teachers will walk students to GREENLEAF GATE AFTER CLASS (unless student attends
Kid Center)
* Parents are to pick up their child from Greenleaf gate by 3:40
Please contact your Super School Director if your child will be absent.
If your child is absent from school, it is school policy that he/she cannot attend Super School that day.
If your child must be released early from his/her SS class, please contact your Director in advance in writing and detail which authorized guardian will pick up your child, and the day, date, and time your child must leave.
1. No refunds of any kind will be given after the first week of attendance.
2. We reserve the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. Should such an event occur your money will be credited.
3. Tuition will not be refunded if your child misses a class, quits, or is asked to leave.
If you have any further SOPA Super School related questions please email Maryanne Vanegas
at [email protected]
We look forward to a fun and enriching session!!
[email protected]com
SOPA Liaison Contact:
Mrs. Annie DeBilzan-Signore
Super School classes take place once a week
2:30-3:30 M,W, Th & F
1:30-2:30 Tuesday.
* Minimum day classes
Dates for minimum days will be posted.
You will be notified of any changes in the class time/pickup.
SS Session 1. 9/27-11/18
Make up dates 11/28-12/2
SS Session 2. 2/13-3/31
Make up dates 
SS Session 3. 4/17-6/5
Make up dates