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Our school community’s recent actions during drop off and pick up have contributed to an overwhelming amount of safety concerns, as well as reports from our neighbors of noise disturbance and lack of respect for street signage and parking violations.

We understand that drop off and pick up are very busy and hectic times of the day, so we implore you to plan ahead to ensure the safety of our school community and our surrounding neighbors.

1. Double-park
2. Leave your vehicle in the street with hazard lights on/car doors open
3. Send your children to cross the street unattended
4. Honk loudly for extended periods of time
5. Use unkind words with adults in front of our students

1. Plan ahead to leave yourself enough time to park safely and walk to campus gates.
2. Drive around the block if you must to keep the traffic flow moving.
3. Let your child know your pick up plan each day, and assure them you will be there
4. Obey all driving laws and street signage.
5. Understand that our school is in a neighborhood, and our neighbors deserve our respect
Many families have observed and reported “close calls” and inappropriate language being used by our very own SOEC parents during these times of the day. Again, we understand your need to want to pick up your child on time and close to the gates, but SAFETY FIRST. Students can learn to wait.
If for any reason you do not make it to the dismissal gate before it is locked. Don’t panic. Your child will be walked to our Reading Garden, over by the main office, to wait for you.
Charleston Wrap Fundraiser- We’re DID it!!!!!
We have $19,267 in retail sales which is a profit of $7,194.10 to SOEC. Our sales in 2020 was $16,634.  Thank you SOEC Community for your support!
Thank you
Principal Miller
Principal Miller
Be Safe and Be Well,
Carla Miller

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