Homework Guidelines


Our homework policy is designed to provide students with the opportunity to revisit concepts covered in class, enrich understanding, and build good study habits.

Unless otherwise noted, assignments should be completed independently by students. Provide a regularly scheduled time and place to do homework and ensure all necessary materials are available.

Homework will adhere to the LAUSD Bulletin 3491.1, which is available at here. Time guidelines for each grade level are below.

SOEC Maximum Number of Routine Daily Homework Minutes per Day* (Monday-Thursday):

  • Kindergarten    10 minutes per day
  • 1st Grade          20 minutes per day
  • 2nd Grade        20 minutes per day
  • 3rd Grade         30 minutes per day
  • 4th Grade         40 minutes per day
  • 5th Grade         50 minutes per day

    *Does not include daily reading practice.

    Once your child has worked for the amount of time appropriate for the grade level, s/he may stop working; reassure your child that s/he has achieved the daily homework goal. The district policy minutes refer to focused work time; students must learn to manage their time effectively.

    Long-term projects may occasionally require additional homework minutes. Parents will be notified of the goals and timeline of these assignments. Whenever possible, students will have the opportunity to work on projects in class or during nightly homework time.

    We welcome your concerns about your child’s work. Homework is designed to be a positive aspect of the learning process.  Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions about homework.