Enrichment Program-Science

Welcome to Science Enrichment with Ms. Vanegas! Students from TK to 5th grade will visit the science lab once a year for a fun and educational 5 week program. Students will engage in team work and experiments once a week for 5 weeks for 30 to 60 minutes. Kindergarten and 5th grade study different types of engineering. 4th grade studies the human body, our bones and most important vital organs. 3rd grade will explore natural disasters the where, why and how. 1st grade will learn the importance of insects, their role in our eco system, what makes an insect and their habitat. 2nd grade explores the importance of weathering and erosion why we have changing landforms and how it happens. Science is a lot of fun and there is so much to understand, here in our science lab we want students to leave with new information of our world and wanting to learn more. 
our science program is fully funded by SOPA, we thank you always for your support!