Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter, YS, KIDS CENTER

Cell Phone and Communication Device Policy


Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter recognizes the importance of communication and collaboration, and provides iPads for students to be productive in the classroom.  However, to keep the focus on our students developing academically as well as acquiring the necessary skills for face-to-face interaction with peers and adults, we feel it’s imperative to reduce the unnecessary distractions that our elementary school-aged children are facing. 

  • All phones/devices are brought on campus at one’s own risk.
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones/gaming devices and or apple watches are to be turned off during the school day and must remain in the student’s backpack~ not in clothing pockets or on the person. Place device all the way inside of the backpack so that it is not visible. 
  • The school is not responsible for lost or stolen devices.
  • Cell phones may be turned on after school but must still remain all the way inside the backpack~ not in clothing pockets or on the person.
  • Phone calls, texting, and videotaping of oneself or others is strictly prohibited at any time during the school day to include classrooms, library, school-yard, cafeteria, common areas or restrooms.


If a student needs to contact a parent during the school day for an emergency, he/she must request permission from the teacher and go to the main office to make the call.



After-school/Youth Services (YS) Playground/Kids Center


To promote social interaction, face-to-face communication, good sportsmanship, and play, YS and KIDS CENTER students may not use cell phones or gaming devices during the hours of 2:23 – 5:00 pm (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and 1:23 – 5:00 pm on Tuesdays. 

  • If a student needs to make an emergency/important phone call during those hours they must notify the coach/director for permission to retrieve the phone or make the call in the director’s or school’s main office.
  • Please Note: We have had numerous incidents after school where students on campus call parents to resolve problems that the coaches have not even been made aware of…this creates confusion and undermines the authority of our personnel as well as your child’s ability to solve problems without parent intervention. If your child stays on the after-school playground YS or attends Kids Center, please encourage him/her to go to YS Coach/Kids Center Director with any problems that need to be addressed.
  • Electronic gaming devices and cell phones may be permitted for use from the hours of 5:00 – 6:00 pm under the direct supervision of the YS Coach/KC director in a monitored area.


Consequences for Non-Compliance of the Cell Phone/Gaming Device Policy

  • First offense: Warning is given to student and parent is notified.
  • Second offense: Phone/device is collected from the student to be picked up in the main office at the end of the school day. Parent is notified.
  • Third offense: Phone/device is collected from the student to be picked up by the parent. The phone/device is not to return to the school site for the remainder of the school year.
Cell Phones on Campus
Be considerate with use of your cell phone on campus. If you are volunteering, please keep your phone on silent. If you must answer a call, do so outside the classroom and out of earshot of other children. Children want our undivided attention, and a cell phone is a distraction for both you and our students.