Paws and Go




Sherman Oaks Elementary's parent volunteers implement a school valet drop off program. In the interest of alleviating morning traffic, challenges with parking, and above all, student safety, we have a drop off lane in front of the school on Greenleaf St. and at the back of the school on Dickens St. There is an entry point and an exit point. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DRIVE TO THE END OF THE DROP-OFF POINT TO AVOID TRAFFIC JAMS ON THE STREET. This provides safety and helps expedite the drop-off procedure. Parent Volunteers and/or employees will be available to open doors for students. 

In order for this program to be successful, we ask that you help us by following these guidelines:

  • Have your children ready to be let out on the curbside only
  • Backpacks and jackets should be on the students' lap
  • All administrative things should be done prior to entering the drop-off lane, i.e. homework signed, lunch, etc. 
  • Please pull all the way up
  • Parents - Please do not exit the car
Traffic Safety at School
  • Please pick up students on the school side of the street only! If your child is not at the curb when you arrive do not double park and do not ask your child to cross the street in the middle of the block to meet you! This is a deadly practice and it will not be allowed!
  • Please respect the bus zones. We have several students that ride the bus to and from school and it is difficult for bus driver to maneuver around illegally parked cars. 
  • No U-turns, Speed Limit is 25, obey No Parking and Loading Zones
  • Be Respectful of our neighbors and do not block driveways


Paws and Go was established by and is operated by our parent community...YOU. Each classroom is assigned Paws and Go Curbside Valet duties one-two weeks per school year. The parents of the students in those classrooms sign up to volunteer to place the cones on the street, help open car doors, greet each and every student, help students safely out of the car, and send parents on their way in a matter of minutes. It is critical  for the safety of our students that we have ample volunteers on both Dickens and Greenleaf Streets each morning. When your room parent lets the parents of your class know that it's your week for Paws and Go (on Parent Square), please sign up. There must be four volunteers for the Dickens side and four volunteers for the Greenleaf side. Please note: You don't need to be fingerprinted volunteer to work Paws and Go. 
ANY parent CAN step up to volunteer even if it's not your class's turn. If you see we need help, HELP!  We appreciate and need the help of the entire SOEC community so that we have 4 volunteer on both streets every day.
Volunteers Remember: 
    1. Arrive 7:30 am, PUT ON A VEST, place the cones on the street (if they are not already out).
    2. NO CHILDREN may be on the curb helping or standing next to volunteers as they open car doors. Tell students to go inside the gate. 
    3. Stay focused on the task for the safety of the students and drivers (no holding hot beverages or talking on cell phone).
    4. Motion cars to enter the valet lane and move all the way to the end. 
    5. Open car door with a friendly smile and hello, help child out and onto the curb safely, wish the driver a nice day, and close the car door. 
    6. At 8:00 am put all of the cones inside the gate, hang up your vest, and you're done. 
Thank you so much for all you do for the SOEC community. With help from everyone, we can continue to have wonderful programs for our students and families.