Be a Room Parent


Room Parent

The purpose of a Room parent is to help his/her teacher accomplish their classroom goals. The role is to help the teacher in whatever way is needed:
  1. Organizing classroom volunteers (Paws-N-Go assignments, library volunteers, classroom events, classroom volunteer days, soliciting for item requests, SOPA evenets, etc)
  2. Contacting parents with pertinent classroom information (no personal solicitations)
  3. Coordinating parent involvement in school events and projects
  4. Planning class events, teacher's holiday gift and end-of-year (EOY) gift
  5. Collecting class-fund donations and tracking/reporting funds
  6. Attending Governance Council Meetings and SOPA Mingles
  7. Manage/upload class photos (with ParentSquare) and submissions for yearbook

 By adding this valuable resource for the teacher, it will enhance the overall learning experience for our students.  For more information on how you can become a room parent contact: Ana Medina at [email protected] or Annie Debilzan-Signore at [email protected]


Passing TB test results are required at the school before you can volunteer in the classroom