General Guidelines:

District electronic devices are provided for educational purposes, and approved social media is to be used at school for educational purposes only and under the direction of a teacher or school leader. Students should recognize that the District is authorized to access, view, record, check, receive, monitor, track, and log any social media activity conducted on District network or District provided electronic device. Students are expected to exemplify the student code of conduct in all interactions.  The District has jurisdiction over student online behavior in certain circumstances: 
  1. behavior the occurs while on the school premises and at school related activities even if the conduct was on the student's personal device
  2. behavior that occurs at any time while on a District issued electronic student's personal device
  3. behavior that occurs outside of school but significantly disrupts the school's operations. 
AT SOEC we strive to produce digital citizens-teaching our students to become productive, knowledgeable, and responsible citizens-teaching  our students to become productive, knowledgeable, and responsible citizens in our inner globally interconnected world.