Discipline Policy




Our school is committed to the safety and well-being of our students, and is committed to creating a safe, productive school environment so your child can learn and strive for success. As part of our strategic plan, we are dedicated to implementing a School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support plan. 

At Sherman Oaks we refer to this approach as “Best Behavior Policy” where our focus is on the four B’s 




Common Area

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible


I walk

I keep my hands to myself

I sit with my feet in front of me

I use an inside voice

I follow directions from all adults

I clean up all my trash

I stay seated until I am dismissed

I don’t share my food

I bring healthy snacks


I play in an area

“Tag” is not an area

I keep my hands and feet to myself

I let everyone play

I use kind words

I follow directions from adults

I use the bathroom and get water before the bell.

When the bell rings I put the equipment away-then walk to line.

Food is not allowed on the yard.


I flush the toilet and wash my hands.

I report any problems to an adult.

I give people their privacy.

I keep bathrooms clean.

I use the bathroom and then leave.

I use supplies appropriately (paper, water, soap)

Passing Areas

I walk down the ramp.

I walk down and up the stairs.

I walk down the hallway.

I use a quiet voice.

I go directly to class.

I return to my class quickly.


Enter and walk quietly.

Walk while in the library.

Sit appropriately in all areas.

Return ALL borrowed materials in a timely manner.

Push all chairs in when leaving.

Take care of your area whether the librarian is present or not.

No food or drink.

Use quiet voices.

Handle all books with proper care.

Treat all furniture and materials properly.


Enter and leave single file.

Walk at all times.

Wait for dismissal instructions.

Sit quietly.

Listen actively and look at the speaker.

No food or drinks.

Listen attentively.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Applaud appropriately.

Participate when asked.

Cell Phone

Cell phones/gaming devices must be turned off and remain in backpack during the school day.

Before and after school, cell phones may be turned on, but must remain in backpack.


Phone calls to parents during the school day should be made from the school’s main office.

Cell phone usage/gaming device usage is only allowable form 5-6 pm at YS & Kid Center.

Failure to comply will result in confiscation of cellphone/device.


Teachers and Staff are always on the lookout for students following the four B’s. When they catch a student/s demonstrating one of the B’s, the student/s will be positively acknowledged and as an added incentive, students may also be rewarded with an orange Tiger Ticket. Every teacher has a Tiger Ticket jar in their classroom where students can deposit the tickets they’ve earned. Each Friday, the teacher will pull out a Tiger Ticket winner and that student is invited to claim a prize from the treasure chest.


Thank you for your commitment to our students by working as part of our educational team to make Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter the best it can be.