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LAUSD Enrichment Program-Orchestra


The orchestra classes meet in the auditorium, and this year, all orchestra classes will be held on Mondays. The orchestra is open to 3th, 4th and 5th grade students. We have only around 60 instruments at the school and have selected orchestra students from each of these classes.


Some of you may have already noticed that Mrs. Price is no longer leading the group. She was a great musician and educator and we will all miss her leadership. In her stead, the Arts Education Branch of LAUSD has sent us Mr. Gown. Originally from Seattle, WA, Mr. Gown has studied music in New York, Israel and Brazil and has performed with groups internationally. He has been living in Los Angeles for only a year and half and makes his home in Sherman Oaks. He loves soccer. He is thrilled to be at Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter and he will do his best to keep up with the students!


Our main goal this year in the orchestra, is to cultivate the joy of learning and creating music together. Other than that, we aim to make some beautiful and soulful music and invite the entire community to share in our joy.


Also, an all-call goes out to any students who are DJ’s (on turntables) who might be able to sit in with the orchestra at some point. See Mr. Gown.