Parent Resource Center

Welcome to the SOEC Parent Resource Center
The SOEC Parent Resource Center (PRC) is designed to help parents engage as partners in their children's education.  As part of LAUSD's Strategic Plan, Pillars and Priorities, Pillar III focuses on Engagement and Collaboration with parents.  The goal of the PRC is to serve as a parent classroom - a place where parents can learn about curriculum, community resources, communications with teachers and school personnel, and ways to support their children's learning at home.  Parents can also learn about the importance of the social and emotional well-being of their children as well as strategies and resources to support their development.  The knowledge and skills that parents acquire at the PRC helps prepare them to be successful in their roles as their children's first and life-long teachers and advocates.
  • Purpose:  To provide a welcoming in-person environment for families and invite them to participate as partners in the education of their child.  
  • Engagement:  To recruit parents to become Tier III Volunteers, so that they can participate in supporting school-wide, classroom, and parent-led community initiatives.
  • Information Hub:  To connect parents and families to community resources and volunteer opportunities such as LAUSD Parent Portal, Advisory Committees, Governance Council, SOPA Fundraisers, After School Programs, etc…
  • Parent Education Workshops:  Parents can learn about how to improve their child’s learning environment related to social and emotional development, special education, Gifted Programs, English Learners, instruction, academic support, learning lab, technology and more…
To learn more about how to get involved, please contact Ana Medina at:  [email protected]