Safety Committee

(Chair: Hope Matthews)

  • Oversees safety and security for students and all other community members both on campus and on the school's perimeter
  • Plans and organizes Fall and Spring Drill
  • Share information at monthly Governance Council Meeting 
  • Create Agenda for meetings
  • Meets 5-8 times per school year or as needed
  • Implements and updates school safety plan
  • Monitors safety supplies and classroom backpacks
  • Dissiminates safety information

Committee meetings will be posted on Parent Square, the SOEC website, marquee, and on the bulletin board at the SOEC office. Parents are encouraged to attend and participate.


Agendas and Minutes

2020-2021 Meeting Agendas and Minutes
2021-2022 Meeting Agendas and Minutes
2022-2023 Meeting Agendas and Minutes
2023-2024 Meeting Agendas and Minutes