WELCOME BACK!!! (click here)

- Monday, April 19th - 30-minute virtual check-in with the teacher (all students).
- Tuesday, April 20th - TK, K, 1st grade hybrid/online starts.
- Wednesday, April 21st - 2nd & 3rd grade hybrid/online starts.
- Thursday, April 22nd - 4th & 5th grade hybrid/online starts.
- Friday, April 23rd - All grade hybrid/online.

We have a staggered start per LA County guidelines. A few grade levels will start each day. On the days the grade levels have not started, students will continue their full virtual/online learning program with their teacher. Once a grade level starts hybrid/online they will continue (i.e. TK, K, 1st start hybrid/online on April 20th and will continue every day thereafter).

We are still finalizing cohorts and will provide that information to families as soon as possible.