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Volunteer Policy


Volunteer Policy

New Policies for Volunteers 


LAUSD has mandated new procedures for school volunteers to improve security and ensure the safety of students and school personnel. The following LAUSD procedures for volunteers (BUL-6746.0) will be implemented at Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter beginning February 5, 2018.

I. Important Information
A. A “volunteer” is defined as anyone interacting directly with students during the instructional day under the supervision of a certificated employee (teacher).
B. Volunteers must complete all steps of the District’s Volunteer Application, Part A (Attachment A) online at: https://volunteerapp.lausd.net
C. Volunteers for a single event, (such as a field trip) that takes place for the duration of one day only, do not need to submit the Volunteer Application but must complete the Single Event Form (Attachment C). In addition, they must be checked against the Megan’s Law database online.

II. Volunteers May Not Begin Until:
A. Clearance by the administration
B. Volunteer signs: the Volunteer Application (Attachment A) https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/10443 and the Volunteer Commitment Form (Attachment D)
C. Appropriate supervision is provided at all times by classroom teacher
D. A copy of each volunteer’s Volunteer Commitment Form (Attachment D), signed application, TB clearance (please see your doctor or nearest medical facility) and fingerprinting clearance letter which will be sent to the school, if applicable, & must be kept in the school’s main office for 5 years.
E. Continuing volunteers must reapply online each year for volunteering, not fingerprinting. Fingerprints are good as long as the volunteer is in continuous service, then for up to 2 years if service laps. For former employees, their fingerprints are only valid for 90 days after their last date of service.

III. Health Clearance Requirements for Volunteers
A. TB Clearance, signed by a healthcare provider within 60 days prior to beginning volunteer service, must be submitted to the office
B. Valid for 4 years

IV. Safety/Security Clearance Requirements for Volunteers

A. Megan’s Law/Sex Offender Clearance

B. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ) Fingerprinting Clearance

Fingerprinting needs to be completed just once during their volunteer service. Fingerprinting is required for the following persons:
a. Anyone working with students
b. Volunteer readers to students in the classroom on a regular basis.

Fingerprinting must be conducted through LAUSD.  No other verifications will be accepted. School personnel must make the fingerprinting appointment for the volunteer. Parents can contact with questions/concerns:

a. 6505 Zelzah Ave., Reseda 91335 (818) 654-1600

b. 5607 Capistrano Ave., Woodland Hills91367  (818) 587-4300

c. 333 Beaudry Avenue., Los Angeles 90017 (213) 241-6140

d. 944 West 77th Street., Los Angeles 90044 (323) 753-3321

e. 611 Jackson Street Los Angeles 90012 (213) 633-3500

f. 2060 West 156th Street Los Angeles 90249 (310) 515-3010

g. 312 Garey Street Los Angeles 90012 (213) 346-2160


C. Please note that the LAUSD website references the need for fingerprinting if a volunteer will be working 16 hours or more a week.  That 16 hours only pertains anyone volunteering in a school office.  Anyone volunteering in classrooms, with students, must be fingerprinted.


V. Application Process
A. Volunteers for a single event, that takes place for the duration of one day only, do not need to submit a volunteer application, but must complete the Single Event Form(Attachment C)
B. Steps to Access the Volunteer Application (Part A)

  1. Access the LAUSD Volunteer Parent/Guardian Account registration page at http://volunteerapp.lausd.net
  2. Select “LAUSD parent/guardian”
  3. Click “Register”
  4. Enter info. Note: our school code is 6699
  5. The prospective volunteer will receive a confirmation email
  6. Create a password
  7. Complete Part A

C. A copy of the Volunteer Application and Volunteer Commitment Form must be printed, signed and delivered to the school’s office.
D. Volunteers then wait for their application to be processed. In 2-4 weeks they will receive an official volunteer badge that will be delivered to the school.
E. Once the badge is received by the school, parents will be notified by our office (badges will be worn by volunteers while on campus and kept in the main office).
F. Continuing volunteers

  1. Volunteers who wish to continue volunteering at a new or existing site must fill out an application each year.

VI. Other Types of Volunteers
A. Morning Safety Valet Programs

  1. Volunteer Application must be completed.
  2. Fingerprinting will not be required for volunteers who are not working directly with students before or after school.  This includes our morning valet volunteers on Greenleaf and Dickens Streets.

B.  Off Campus Volunteers

  1. All parents/guardians have a right to volunteer for their children’s schools.  Parents/guardians who are not allowed on campus, or who are unable to travel to campus, should be assigned duties that they can complete from their homes.  An off campus volunteer must complete the Volunteer Application.

VII. Lunch Visitors

  1. Any parents wishing to visit their child during recess or lunch time will need to check-out their child from school.  Parents/volunteers will not be permitted to visit or sit with their child at the lunch pavilion tables during breaks.


**ATTENTION:  Anyone without a pass/clearance will not be allowed into the school due to LAUSD policy. Please direct any questions/concerns to our school principal, Mrs. Miller, in the main office at (818) 784-8283.


***What to expect when you arrive at the fingerprinting office***

Arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment, to be safe.

Sign in.

If you bring a passport, still bring your driver’s license.

Fill out the form (front/back).

Wash hands in the restroom.


The whole process is about 20 minutes.