Volunteer Policy


Policy drafted by SOEC Safety Committee April 8, 2019



Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter

Volunteer Policy

LAUSD, together with SOEC, have mandated new procedures for school volunteers to improve security and ensure the safety of students and school personnel.

Per Bulletin 6746.2, Volunteers are categorized into a 3 Tiered System.  


At SOEC, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Volunteers must be fingerprinted.


Tier 1 Volunteer


Tier 2



Tier 3



Single Event Volunteer


Classroom Volunteer


One-on-one tutor


On-Demand Safety Parent/Guardian


Room Parent (works in the classroom)


Overnight Field Trip Chaperone


Room Parent (that does not work in the classroom directly with students)


Office Volunteer


University Interns/Student Teachers


Paws and Go Volunteer


Field Trip Chaperone


Important Information
  1. A “volunteer” is defined as anyone interacting directly with students during the instructional day under the supervision of a certificated employee (teacher).
  2. Volunteers must complete all steps of the District’s Volunteer Application online at http://volunteerapp.lausd.net  (Volunteer Management System).  Print out a hard copy of the completed Volunteer Application and Volunteer Commitment Form and submit to the Main Office.
  3. Volunteers for a single event that takes place for the duration of one day only, do not need to submit the online Volunteer Application, but must complete the Single Event Form (Attachment A1).  This form may be picked up in the main office.  In addition, they must be checked against the Megan’s Law database online.  
  4. Volunteers that wish to attend a field trip with a classroom whether a day trip or overnight, must be fingerprinted and have clearance through the Volunteer Management System.  
  5. School aged students (6th grade-12th grade) that wish to volunteer must be students of LAUSD, and must complete Attachment L and receive approval before volunteering in the classroom.  Students that show up to volunteer without notice will be turned away.  This form may be picked up in the main office.
  6. University interns and volunteers associated with community organizations are required to complete the Volunteer Application and go through the health and safety screening process that includes fingerprint clearance.
  7. Fingerprinting needs to be completed just once during the volunteer service.  If a two-year lapse of volunteering occurs, the volunteer will need to be re-fingerprinted.
  8. Fingerprinting appointments can be made by school personnel (only).
  9. Parents that wish to visit their child during recess or lunchtime will need to check out their child from school.  Parents/volunteers will not be permitted to visit or sit with their child at the lunch tables.
Classroom Observation
Classroom observation by parents is a right distinguished from volunteering, according to the California Ed Code Section 51101 (a)(1) parents/guardians have the right “within a reasonable period of time following making a request, to observe the classroom or classrooms in which their child is enrolled.”  



Volunteers May Not Begin Until:

    1. Clearance by administration
  • Volunteer must sign the Volunteer Application (Attachment A) and the Volunteer Commitment Form (Attachment C1).
  • A copy of TB clearance and fingerprinting clearance letter (sent to school by the District), is on file in the school’s main office. 
  • Appropriate supervision is provided at all times by the classroom teacher.
  • Continuing volunteers may be cleared to volunteer by the administrator for the upcoming school year through the Volunteer Management System Roll Over process as long as the TB clearance has not expired and the volunteer is once again checked against the California Megan’s Law website. 
  1. Wearing a (non-expired) Volunteer Badge 



Health Clearance Requirements for Volunteers

  1. TB test clearance, signed by a healthcare provider, on file in the main office.  
  2. Valid 4 years.
  3. In lieu of TB test, results of negative chest X-ray and the date it was read may be accepted.  Chest X-ray results will only be accepted with documented proof of a previous positive TB test.
  4. A Tuberculosis Physician/Clinic Form (Attachment I1) may be picked up in the Main Office.   However, a form the clinic/doctor is sufficient.

Safety Security Clearance Requirements for Volunteers
  1. Megan’s Law /Sex Offender Clearance
  2. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ) fingerprinting
  3. Fingerprinting does not need to be done each school year unless there is a two year lapse of volunteering.

Volunteer Application Process


New Volunteers:

  1. Register for a LAUSD volunteer account in the Volunteer Management System: http://volunteerapp.lausd.net
  1. a) Select “LAUSD parent/guardian” or “LAUSD community member.”
  2. b) Click on “Register”.
  3. c) Enter all required information.
  4. d) To complete the registration process, you will receive an email at the address given with instructions on how to create an account password.
  5. e) Follow the link provided in the email, and create a password between 10 and 24 characters.

If you do not have an email account you may complete a paper Volunteer Application (Attachment D1), and school staff will enter the information into the Volunteer Management System for you.

  1. Once an account has been created, visit http://volunteerapp.lausd.net.  Enter your email address and password, and click on “Log in”.
  2. Select “New Application” and follow the prompts to complete your application.  At the end of each page click “Next” to continue. You will be asked to review your application before you select “Submit”.  Your application is now “Pending” administrator approval
  3. Print out a copy of the Volunteer Application and Volunteer Commitment Form.  Bring the signed application and form to SOEC. Write down your volunteer identification number for safekeeping.  If you need assistance with printing out your application, contact Hope Matthews AP at 818 784 8283.
  4. The school will ask you for proof of TB clearance and make a fingerprinting appointment for you (if necessary).
  5. Be on time for fingerprinting appointment.  They book them back-to-back and will not honor an appointment if you’re late.

After the school administrator has approved your application, the Office of Parent and Community Services will issue and mail an official District-issued volunteer badge to the school site.  If it has been 3 weeks and you have not heard that your District-issued volunteer badge has arrived, give the school a call. You may also log into your Volunteer Management System account. You will know your application has been approved when the status of your application changes from “Pending” to “Approved”.

You may begin your volunteering assignment once your District-issued badge has been issued.

Continuing Volunteers/Renewal:


All volunteer badges need to be renewed for each new school year, but you do not have to be fingerprinted again, and your TB clearance only needs to be redone after four years. For renewal, simply pull up your online application again and re-submit, marking yourself "Returning Volunteer" under "Volunteer Type".   If your TB clearance has expired, you will be asked to provide TB clearance.