Principal's Message


Carla Miller





Dear Sherman Oaks Families, 

Have you heard about Measure EE, a local school funding parcel tax, on the June 4, 2019 special election ballot? Check out for all the details. 

If approved by two-thirds of voters in a special election on June 4, 2019, Measure EE would provide local school funding to support Los Angeles public schools through a 16-cent per square foot parcel tax for 12 years. 

Measure EE funds would be used to retain and attract quality teachers, reduce class sizes, and support instructional programs including arts, music, science, technology, English and math. To ensure funds are allocated and spent as approved by voters, Measure EE funds will be subject to accountability provisions including an annual independent audit, and review and public reporting by an Independent Taxpayers Oversight Committee. 

Senior Citizens and certain low-income property owners with disabilities would be eligible for an exemption fem the cost of the measure. 

Please note: the deadline to register to vote in the June 4 election is Monday, May 20. To register to vote, please visit the Secretary of State's website at:

Warmest Regards,

Carla Miller