Enrich LA and the Garden Ranger Program

At Enrich LA, the mission is to bring edible school gardens to all Los Angeles schools. As part of that mission, they teach students how to become responsible and empowered stewards of the environment.
One of the greatest lessons students can learn is the incredible process of composting: how grass clippings and food scraps can be turned into organic matter that revitalizes the soil. Banana peels, egg shells and even coffee grounds can become rich compost that adds life and nutrients back to the soil. This leads to healthier plants and lush gardens and creates a beautiful closed-loop system that dramatically reduces waste.

As part of their mission, EnrichLA is launching a compost program across our schools. In an effort to reduce waste that goes to landfills, Rangers will begin collecting food scraps from student lunches and compost that waste in our school gardens. By the end of the school year, we hope to save thousands of pounds of food scraps that would have ended up in a landfill, and instead transform it into rich compost for our students’ gardens.
Thanks to the SEEDS Grant that SOEC received to revamp our "dust bowl area" and funding from SOPA, we are proud to introduce the Enrich LA Garden Ranger Program to SOEC!
That provides us with a Ranger twice a week. Classes sign up for six week sessions to work in the outdoor garden. In addition, we encourage volunteer  to join the Community Garden Club.  The Garden Club is looking for volunteers to help during classes. 
Please visit their site for more information on this amazing program.