PawSitive Character/Attendance Assembly

Every month an assembly is held recognizing students who have displayed the outstanding monthly Pawsitive character trait and students with perfect attendance. Each teacher will present students with a  special certificate. Parents and guests are invited to attend and celebrate all our students. Check the school calendar for the date and time. 
PawSitive Character Traits: 
  • September - Respect
  • October - Responsibility
  • November - Perseverance
  • December - Caring
  • January - Trustworthiness
  • February - Citizenship
  • March - Honesty
  • April - Courage
  • May - Fairness
Perfect Attendance:
Our students are encouraged to be an Attendance HERO...Here, Everyday, Ready, and Ontime!!! 
Our goal is to reduce chronic absenteeism to no more than 9% and to increase the percent of students attending at a rate of 96% or higher. As LAUSD continues the efforts in promoting student attendance, the slogan, “I Rise. I Attend. I Matter.” signifies our hope to empower each student to rise, attend every day, and create a life of meaning and purpose.
Remember, if students are not in school, they cannot learn. Every day is important. Keep it under seven absences. Every day matters.