After school, there are four gates opened. Two on Greenleaf St. and two on Dickens St. The gates open at 2:24p.m. There is an additional gate opened on Dickens St., located by the two story building, for handicap access, students riding the bus, and parents with large strollers.

Kindergarten and first grade students only are dismissed from their classrooms.  Parents are to meet their child at their classroom.  Parents who do not pick up Kindergarten or first grade students 10 minutes after dismissal, must come to the office to sign out their child.

Students in grades 2-5 are to meet their parents at one of the four gates so please set a pre-arranged place for meeting your child at dismissal.

Sherman Oaks has NO SUPERVISION after school. Students are not allowed to play on the playground after dismissal and are expected to meet parents at one of the four gates.  All gates close at 2:40 p.m.

Students who are enrolled in the Youth Services Program or Kids Center, are permitted to stay afterschool.  Otherwise, we ask that students be picked up promptly and on time after the dismissal bell.  If you arrive after 2:45 you will need to leave your car and come inside the school to pick up your child.


RAINY DAY Pick-Up and Dismissal

On rainy days, Kindergarten, first and second grade students go directly to the auditorium to wait for their teacher. Students should enter through Dickens St.

Third, fourth and fifth graders go to the cafeteria to wait for their teachers. Students should enter through Greenleaf St.

At dismissal time parents will be allowed to pick up their children at the classroom.