Visitor Policy



Parents are welcome to observe their children in the classroom.  We hope our guidelines will help to make the experience satisfactory for both parents and teachers and beneficial to children.

  1. All classroom visits are arranged through the school office.
  2. You are asked to check in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass when you arrive so that we know that you are here and may be of service to you.
  3. Any visitor coming on campus must review the Daily Health Check screening questions.
  4. Visitors must wear a facemask. Face masks can be offered and made available to those who do not bring their own. 
  5. All visitors ages 2 and older are to wear a face mask at all times while on campus. 
  6. Visitors who are unable to wear a face mask must arrange for an alternate family member to conduct business on their behalf.  
  7. Visitations are most effective after the first three weeks of school and should be limited to approximately twenty minutes unless a longer period has been previously arranged with the child’s teacher.
  8. Parents are asked to advise the teacher in advance of a planned visitation.
  9. Parents should enter the room quietly and plan to conference with the teacher by appointment before or after school. This economizes on the teacher’s instructional time and does not interfere with the instructional needs of other children